Asset Tracking & Security Solutions

wireless Home security network

tabs Home security, personal tracking & panic alert solution using LoRa network with tabs Home Base station.

LoRa Devices
LoRa Devices
LoRa Devices for Gated Community Security

Asset and personal Tracking

sigfox Asset and Personal Tracking. Also suitable for livestock tracking. Long-life non-rechargeable battery included - up to 7 years expected battery life.

sigfox Device
sigfox Device
sigfox Device Livestock Tracking
sigfox Coverage

asset and personal tracking

NBIoT Asset and Personal Tracking using GSM Network. GPS, remote voice monitoring, temperature sensing, accellerometer, panic features available. Rechargeable battery included.  

NBIoT Tracking Solution
NBIoT Tracking Solution

asset and personal tracking technology overview

There are a number of technologies currently being deployed for smart asset management and security. Recent advances and expansion of IoT technologies and networks has provided a far wider range of products and solutions.

The Internet of Things (Iot)is a network of physical objects – vehicles, machines, home appliances, and more – that use sensors and application programming interfaces (API) to connect and exchange data over the Internet. Cloud-based IoT platforms and architecture connect the real and virtual worlds. They help companies manage IoT device connectivity and security – as well as collect device data, link devices to backend systems, ensure IoT interoperability, and build and run IoT applications. 


Today we can harness IoT tehncology to monitor many parameters, as can be seen from the diagram below. Sensors communicate using LoRa, sigfox, NBIoT and a number of proprietary protocols. Application of these new technologies with their low-cost, low-energy sensors in the security industry allows for innovative early-warning devices to be placed without expensive cabling, power supplies and related infrastructure. Devices typically sit dormant until they are triggered and only transmit limited information, thus prolonging the battery life.


An important benefit of using RF technology is its resistance to being jammed like mobile phone signals. These RF devices are compact and robust, allowing them to be used in harsh environments such as construction and mining. To increase coverage distance a network of base stations is deployed on high sites which also act as repeaters for the individual sensors. Using this configuration, sensors can be quickly deployed in remote areas where no existing infrastructure existis.




Sensors Available